Collected here are some of my music experiments and productions.

Recently I’ve had a renewed interest in trying out some hardware solutions so I expect I will be updating this soon.

After trying out the Roland Verselab I have now (2023) settled on the Elektron Syntakt and the Roland J-6 as my go-to music creation devices!

In 2024 I’ve also been working with AI to create music and that has been a lot of fun as well.
Music production & experiments         
Medium: Hardware & software
Date: Various; Ongoing

Throughout the years I have been playing around with solutions like Native Instruments’ Maschine, Ableton Live as well as hardware-only stuff such as Korg’s Volca series, Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operators and even various apps on mobile devices.

Some finished tracks (full versions on Spotify):

Experiments and jams on the Elektron Syntakt (more to come):

A few snippets of tracks I made:

Minimal techno vibe jamming session on Volca Beats: 

 “Bitcrushed Dreams” on Pocket Operator

Warm lo-fi vibes on a Pocket Operator