I have always been fascinated with the concept of cities. The variety in building structures, the horizontal and vertical expansion of stone, glass, wood, concrete and other building materials and the continuing search by architects to create landmarks continue to intrigue.

While playing around with AI visualisation tools I have attempted to bring some of this delight I feel when viewing images of unknown cities into a new series of visuals.

From intricately detailed satellite-style imagery to rough sketches of incredible skyscrapers, the pictures of “Minimal Metropolis” show cities which have not yet been built and might never be built, but nevertheless represent locations I wouldn’t mind aimlessly wandering around in.
Minimal Metropolis
Medium: Digital
Date: 2022; ongoing 

In graphic novels I actively seek out the panels which aim to bring to life the location of the story, whether that is a recognisable city in our day and age or some futuristic metropolis, imagined by the artist and writer.