Due to the impact of climate change on our planet, the only way for living organisms to survive is to merge with technology. Even our zoo animals are replaced by biomechanical versions.

The impact of climate change on our planet has been significant, and the effects are pervasive. As temperatures rise and natural habitats become increasingly hostile to life, humans and other living organisms must find ways to survive.

One of the most innovative solutions is the merging of living organisms with technology. By augmenting our physiology and biology with machines, we can survive in extreme environments and adapt to changing conditions. This fusion of living beings and technology is already being implemented in some of the world’s most advanced research laboratories. In these facilities, scientists are creating biomechanical versions of animals such as lions and tigers to replace their real-world counterparts in zoos.
Mechanised Zoo
Medium: Digital
Date: 2023 

These biomechanical creatures are designed to be able to survive in any type of environment, no matter how hostile. By combining the strength and resilience of living organisms with the adaptability and efficiency of technology, these creatures can thrive in any climate. In the future, we may see more and more living organisms merging with technology in order to survive.